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Each work order is assigned a priority/SLA (service level agreement) based on pre-determined factors.  Below are the priorities and examples of requests that fall into them.  All work order requests are prioritized on a case by case basis.  Please note a response is an attempt to resolve the issue, not necessarily a solution.

Priority Level Expected Response Time Explanation
4 hours
Mission critical systems are not functioning.  Skyward (Fiscal/HR/Student) down, E-mail district-wide, Network outage, Internet outage, VersaTrans, food service down
2 24 hours
Server down, lab down, individual email inaccessible, log on issue
2-3 days  Non-impacting instruction software issues, repeat issue
Up to 7 days Non-impacting issues 
5 Up to 10 days Non-impacting issues that require research and testing
 Order    Items that require parts, hardware, licenses, software to be ordered.

Projects Priority Level Expected Response Time
Project 1
7-14 days
Project 2
14-30 days
Project 3
30-60 days
Project 4
60-90 days