Kindergarten enrollment begins on April 2nd

Kindergarten enrollment begins on April 2nd
Posted on 03/21/2018
Elementary Students

Enrollment is easy as 1-2-3!

1) You may call our district office at (253) 298-3000 if you need help determining your child’s neighborhood school.

2) On or after April 2nd, parents/guardians need to bring birth certificate, shot records, and verification of residence to the school. Verification of residence can be one of the following items dated within the last thirty (30) days and include parent/guardian name and residence address:

-Escrow papers, mortgage book or statement, or property tax form;
-Lease agreement/rental contract and current rent receipt;
-Letter from apartment complex or mobile home park on company letterhead, signed by the landlord, stating that the parent/guardian lives there;
-One of the following utility bills: gas, electric, phone (landline only, not cell), water, cable TV or garbage bill;
-Residence insurance statement;
-Verification of social services; or
-Signed and notarized Franklin Pierce Schools Affidavit of Residence and one of the above items to verify name and address of owner/person responsible for residence.

3) Welcome to Franklin Pierce Schools!

We encourage parents to enroll in the school office so that a school staff member can assist with any questions. School offices are open Monday through Friday.