Learning Assistance Program (LAP)

LAP is a state-funded program that serves students with the greatest needs in basic academic skills as identified by statewide assessment. Franklin Pierce School District has five secondary schools (Keithley MS, Ford MS, FPHS, WHS, and Gates) receiving LAP funds with a focus on Reading, Writing, and Math skills. Students who score below standard at grade level on statewide assessments in grades Kindergarten through Grade 11 are eligible to receive services. Students who demonstrate the greatest academic deficits in basic skills according to both state and local assessments are provided services according to an approved plan. Individual or group Accelerated Learning Plans are developed and implemented for participating students. These plans use state and classroom assessments to inform instruction and include achievement goals, roles of parties involved in the plan, communication regarding student achievement, and plans for reviews and adjustment of the plan.

LAP Power Point Presentation

Washington State LAP Overview