Highly Capable Program


Franklin Pierce School District is committed to our “Core Business” of engaging all students in rigorous, relevant, high quality work.  We provide a comprehensive highly capable program which offers a variety of advanced and accelerated learning opportunities at all grade levels.  Highly capable students are students who perform or show potential for performing at significantly advance academic levels when compared with others of their age, experiences or environment (WAC 392-180-045).


For Highly Capable Students in Kindergarten through Third Grade:

Services for each identified student will be developed at the student’s home school in collaboration with school staff and families.  Service options may include differentiated curriculum and/or instruction in the classroom, cluster grouping, and/or accelerated content area instruction for part of the day.  


For Highly Capable Students in Fourth and Fifth Grade:

Services for eligible and selected students are provided on site at Brookdale Elementary through a self-contained program, Project Excel.  Project Excel provides appropriately challenging curriculum and assignments requiring research through accelerated study.  The referral process for Project Excel begins in March and student selection completed in May.  Students are recommended by either parents, guardians, community members or teachers.  Students are selected based on recommendations, standardized test scores and previous program experience.  Please click on the Eligibility and Enrollment tab for more information.


For Highly Capable Students in Sixth through Eighth Grade:

Services middle school students are provided on site at both Ford and Keithley Middle School through the Pre-Advanced Place Program.  The Pre-AP Program provides multi-disciplinary instruction, cooperative learning, and a variety of exploratory, research-based projects.  Students may be recommended or self-select enrollment into the Pre-AP Program.  Students who are successful in the Brookdale Project Excel program are automatically enrolled in the Pre-AP Program. 


For Highly Capable Students in Ninth through Twelfth Grade:

Students at the high school level do not need to be officially selected to enroll in advanced and accelerated courses.  We encourage all students to take advantage of selecting appropriately challenging courses.  Highly Capable Program services are provided through Advanced Placement (AP) and Pre-AP courses, College in the High School, Career and Technical Education Dual Credit opportunities and Running Start.  Please see High School Course Catalogs and contact your student’s counselor regarding specific scheduling supports and click here to read about the differences between the above listed services.

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