500+ FPS students graduate!

500+ FPS students graduate!
Posted on 06/12/2018
FPS Graduation Photo
On Saturday, June 9, over 500 Franklin Pierce Schools high school seniors stayed relatively dry as they participated in graduation festivities at the Puyallup Fairgrounds. Students arrived at the ceremony decorated with accomplishments having participated in school-wide award presentations that highlighted academic, leadership, community service, athletics and fine arts accomplishments.
Despite what some people say about today's high school graduates, Franklin Pierce Schools students are responsible for completing a rigorous and comprehensive set of criteria in order to graduate. In addition to demonstrating proficiency in 22 classes, Franklin Pierce graduates must also pass state assessments, participate in a minimum of 30 hours of community service, present a senior portfolio that synthesizes curricular and co-curricular experiences, and articulate how they will use their high school experience as a foundation for their post-secondary plan.
This year's graduation day was unique in many ways. After having participated in over 90 graduation ceremonies throughout his career, 2018 marked the 11th and final year of Dr. Frank Hewins serving as the Superintendent of Franklin Pierce Schools. Washington High School students thanked Principal Hester and bid him a fond farewell as he goes on to serve in the Franklin Pierce Schools district office starting in July. Franklin Pierce High School celebrated the US News and World Report Silver Medal, which ranked them 32nd of 509 high schools across Washington State, and more GATES graduates are moving on to two-year and four-year institutions that ever before!

Congratulations Class of 2018!