Free Immunization Clinic

Free Immunization Clinic
Posted on 10/23/2018
Immunization Clinic FlyerMary Bridge Children' Hospital will hold a Free Immunization Clinic for all students of Franklin Pierce Schools on Monday, October 29 from 3-5pm. The clinic will take place at Franklin Pierce High School. 
If you have questions about your child's immunization records, please contact the school office. 

Vaccines available for your child:
Ages 5-10:
  • Dtap/Tdap*
  • Polio*
  • Hepatitus B*
  • MMR*
  • Varicella*
  • Hepatitus A
  • Influenza
Ages 11-18:
  • Tdap*
  • MCV4
  • HPV9
  • Hepatitus A
  • Influenza
* Required