Things to know


Households of furloughed employees affected by the government shutdown may be temporary eligible for free or reduced-price meal benefits. While free and reduced-price meal eligibility is intended to reflect actual annual income, applications may reflect the current households situation. This unique situation does not necessarily provide households with information on the duration of the furlough or the ultimate impact on the household income.

Federally furloughed households approved for meal benefits will need to terminate or update their free/reduced-price status once the economic hardship is remedied due to returning to work and/or restoration of pay for the furlough period. 

If you have any questions regarding this unique situation, please contact the Nutrition Services office at 253-298-4618.


Elementary students can charge 2 meals.  When the charge limit has been reached students will be given a power bar snack and milk.

Every effort is made to let parents know that their child(ren) need money for meals.  An automated all system will be activated and will place a phone call to all families with a student who has a negative balance.  Low balance email notifications are also sent out throughout the week.

Payments are accepted at all schools by cash or check.  Phone payments are accepted at the Nutrition Services office via Visa/MasterCard, a $10 minimum is required for all phone payments.  Online payments can be made through Family Access Online's prepayments link.  Instructions on setting up a Family Access Online Prepayment account. 

Be sure to update your child(ren)'s contact information, i.e. primary phone numbers and email addresses, with your child(ren)'s school office in order to ensure that we can reach you when your child's account is low or negative. 

Please call or visit the Nutrition Services office and we will be glad to help with any account or meal status questions.  We can be reached at 253.298.4618