Mobile Labs

Franklin Pierce Schools serves about 8,000 students with about 70% qualifying for free / reduced meals.  Over the past few years the IT department has focused on providing equity through technology for our students.

During the 2016/2017 school year the IT department has deployed more than 2,100 laptops in mobile carts to our elementary schools (Brookdale, Central Ave, Christensen, Collins, Elmhurst, Harvard and Midland *). Additional mobile labs will be deployed to our secondary schools for the 2017/2018 school year.
*James Sales is participating in the Apple Connect Ed grant

Highlights of the laptops:
Lenovo N23 - specifically designed for the K-12 enviroment
Windows 10
Convertible - full laptop and tablet
Touch Screen

 Mobile Cart
Mobile Cart 

Technology Testimonials from Teachers:

"I think the laptops are great. Students have better access to technology on a regular basis and it will streamline standardized testing which is so critical."

“Students having tablets in my room has dramatically changed my approach to teaching.  Canvas has made it easy for students to access daily assignments, calendar events, assessments, discussion prompts, files, and collaboration with peers online.  The accessibility of Canvas from student’s smart phones has made it possible to push out announcements, reminders and given them access to assignment feedback and even completion.”

“I use the document camera every day as a projector and to display work from my computer (usually in power point format).  I sometimes use internet to view instructional videos, for example how to use a protractor.”

“Technology has become an essential part of our classroom environment in so many ways. Lessons are often taught using PowerPoints. Videos are used to illustrate various aspects of lessons from vocabulary to strategy demonstrations. Students use the document camera to show their work to peers and spark class discussions. TCI (our history text) is online and used for notetaking as well as assessments. It creates a high interest interaction between student and text, prompting students to become more engaged with an otherwise ‘boring’ history book. And finally, Canvas has become a wonderful part of our classroom. Students can keep track of assignments using the calendar, complete and submit work, interact with each other, and even take assessments.”

“One thing I use year after year are online simulations to support learning in Science.  For instance, the University of Colorado offers a collection of useful simulations on their PhET website.  It’s great to bring the laptops into my room for a period or two every few weeks and use those simulations to enhance the learning we’re doing in class.”

"The kids love them and I am feeling more comfortable using them for reading assessments and essay publishing."

"Since the addition of the laptop carts, it has made it possible to do so much more with writing, editing, and revising.  Also, it has made research projects more possible.   Being able to do ELA tests and use Canvas to submit student assignments has been revolutionary!   Now that I have seen how helpful this can be, I would love to see us have even more computers so we don’t have to coordinate sharing, as that has been the most difficult thing.  Thanks for these awesome learning tools!"