Upcoming Projects

The Information Technology team is working on many exciting projects for the 2015-2016 school year.  Some of those projects are listed below.

XIO Storage and Servers
A high-end enterprise class server virtualization system to virtualize all physical servers district-wide into the districts Data Center location. Highly dynamic, real-time changes to meet system demands and long-term growth. XIO storage solution used to provide ultra-high performance centralized district-wide data storage for daily use and long-term archiving requirements.The solution adds a single point of management, health monitoring, autonomous fault tolerance and substantial performance gains that will be seen by user’s daily interaction with systems.Estimated projected power cost savings for the district over a five year period is around $162,000.

Apple ConnectED grant at James Sales Elementary 
During the 2014-2015 school year, James Sales learned that they were one of 114 schools nationwide and one of five schools in the state of Washington to receive the Apple Inc. ConnectED Grant.  The students and teachers at James Sales will receive an iPad, the teachers will also receive a MacBook laptop.  Each classroom will be equipped with an Apple TV.  

Canvas Learning Management Pilot
During the 2015-2016 staff and students across the district will be piloting the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS).  This is a collaboration between the Information Technology and Teaching and Learning.  Canvas is an online portal for communication between teachers, students, and parents.  It offers collaboration, delivery, feedback, organization and tracking systems for instructional content.

Mobile computer labs at Franklin Pierce and Washington High Schools

Information Technology plans to add one additional mobile student computer lab to both Franklin Pierce and Washington High Schools.

Attendance Tardy Kiosk
Franklin Pierce High School will be piloting an attendance tardy kiosk during the 2015/2016 school year.  Students who are late to class will stop at the attendance office, enter their student ID number in the kiosk, a tardy slip will automatically print with the time and period of the day on it.  The benefits to using the tardy kiosk are the information will automatically be entered into Skyward and will also save the attendance clerk the time of writing each tardy slip and finally the teacher the time of having to enter the information into Skyward.

Tools4ever - UMRA: User Account Management Software

The UMRA tool offered by Tools4Ever will allow for automated account generation at the time of employee onboarding/leave.  Once an employee is hired, and their information is entered into Skyward, UMRA will automatically create the employee's Active Directory account, email, associations to mailing lists, network share permissions, etc. This can also grow to include account automation of 3rd party applications, including Skyward access, that need logons and district support to complete setup.  This will greatly free up resources and streamline processes and policies.

Virtual Lab Pilot at Franklin Pierce High School

During the 2015-2016 school year, we will be piloting a 30 seat virtual computer lab from FireFly Computers in the outside library lab.  The system allows for each workstation to run a session on a local server which gives the user the look and feel of a traditional desktop and access to district software.  An advantage of this style lab is a significant price savings as the setup costs approximately 50% less than a traditional lab set up without sacrificing performance.  The virtual lab will also provide a power savings, consuming 8-15w per workstation vs. 90-100w of a traditional computer.
FireFly Computers