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Hello FP Team!

We are excited to announce the launch of DORA – District Online Resources and Applications.   We hope that you will find DORA a useful everyday tool to keep resources and apps organized.   DORA will soon replace the “For Staff” link on the district website.

DORA Training Videos
Getting Started | Editing | My Files

What is DORA?
DORA is a Single Sign-On (SSO) and Resource portal. 

Single Sign-On is a type of password management system that will allow you to access multiple applications and resources from a content dashboard.   Once signed into DORA, you will be able to jump into other applications without the need to sign in to each of them.

What will be available in DORA?

When DORA is first launched it will include all of the links currently found under the “For Staff” dropdown on the district webpage.   More applications, links and resources will be added over time.   The resources can be available based on roles (job, schools, grade level, etc).   The goal is that you will only see items that are relevant and useful for you.

Additionally DORA has a “My Files” section that will allow you to access your district H: drive and OneDrive from one convenient location.  H: drives will now be accessible outside of the district (at home, Starbucks, vacation, wherever you want to get your files).

Initially DORA will be available to all district staff.  As we add resources to DORA, we will give students the ability to use DORA as well to access applications they use on a daily basis.

How do I access DORA?

A link to DORA will replace the “For Staff” link on the district website.  The link will provide information on DORA, training videos, FAQs and a login for DORA.
Alternately you can get directly to DORA by going to -

Once on the DORA page you will see a blue “LOGIN” button in the middle of the page.  If you are on the district network, clicking the button will automatically log you into DORA.   If you are outside the district network (home, Starbucks, etc) when you click on the LOGIN button, you will be taken to a district page to enter your district email address and password to complete the sign in.

DORA also has an app available for iOS and Android.   Go to and you will see links in the bottom right corner of the page for the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

*You may notice that your experience with Single Sign-On from DORA may vary depending on what app, device, browser you are using.  Because of the various devices, apps, browsers it is difficult to account for every possible combination.​​