Emergency Procedures


A full lockdown is a method of securing the campus when there is an emergency or event in the immediate area where the school campus may be at risk. During a lockdown, students and staff will remain in classrooms behind locked doors, staying quiet and out of sight. Windows and blinds will be closed and lights are turned off. During the lockdown, there will be restricted access from both in and out of the building and classrooms.

During a modified lockdown, students and staff will remain inside a school or district facility. Daily activities will usually continue; however, there is restricted access both in and out of the building(s). Exterior windows and blinds will be closed and exterior doors will be locked.


A school building evacuation will occur in the event of a safety hazard to the school. Staff and students will leave the building immediately by way of a predetermined route and assemble in a predetermined area. Attendance will be taken to ensure that all staff and students have safely exited the building.

Drop, cover under a desk or table, and hold. Steer clear of windows. Students and staff will evacuate only if instructed to do so. When instructed to evacuate, students and staff will report to the designated assembly location.

In the event of a fire, students and staff will follow the evacuation route procedures. Each teacher will initiate a roll call and account for every student present. Students and staff will only re-enter the building(s) if declared safe by fire service personnel. If the school needs to be closed, parents and guardians will be notified, and students will be transported to another location or home.

Shelter in Place

A school may use “shelter-in-place” to temporarily separate students and staff from severe weather or hazardous materials released into the outdoor atmosphere. Students and staff will remain in the building until authorities notify that it is safe to leave. No one will be allowed in or out of the building. The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system will be shut down, and all windows, exterior doors, and any other openings to the outside will be closed and locked.


Reunification sites are utilized anytime a school must be evacuated and it is determined that it is not safe to return to the school. Students will be bussed or transported to the reunification site. In the instance that students are evacuated from the school and transported to a reunification site, parents should only respond to the reunification site. Do not come to the school grounds. We will notify parents using the contact information you have previously provided to the school.


Information about what to expect when picking up your student at a reunification site:

ber Remember to bring a photo ID, you will be asked to show this.

  1.      For your security and safety, the reunification process will be very regulated. Students will only be released to parents and guardians listed under the emergency contact information provided in Skyward Family Access.
  2.       Do not send relatives or friends to pick up your student unless they are listed as an emergency contact.
  3.       Please be patient, the reunification process can take several hours.

      Reuniting your family is of the utmost importance to the Franklin Pierce School District staff and we will work as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Threat Assessment

Threat assessment is used as a method of assessing the type and level of a threat of a student or to a student. The threat assessment process includes: gathering information, screening, an in-depth assessment, and notification to administration and to the parent/guardian(s).

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather, school start times may be changed or schools may be closed. Please refer to the
list of types of schedule changes for more information.

Utility Outages

A utility outage can be a short- or long-term loss of utilities to an area. In the event of a utility outage, immediate action will be taken based on the utility outage for the safety of students and staff. Depending on the events, students and staff may have to shelter in place. Turn off computers, lights, and electrical devices.