Heritage language class to Harvard

FPHS Heritage language class to Harvard
Posted on 11/29/2018
Heritage Class at Harvard

The Heritage Spanish students of Franklin Pierce High School recently linked up with students enrolled in the Dual Language Immersion Program at Harvard Elementary. Students at Franklin Pierce High School elect to enroll in the Heritage Spanish class as members of a household for whom Spanish is their primary language. Students in the Dual Language Immersion Program enroll in Kindergarten and participate in a multi-year dual language curriculum designed to help students be bi-literate in both English and Spanish.

During a recent visit, 43 students from Franklin Pierce High School worked with four elementary classes to build paper fortune tellers. This outlet provided an opportunity for high school and elementary-aged students to share more about their interests, to discuss their future aspirations, and to continue to build an ongoing appreciation are respect for using Spanish in their daily lives. The connections between high school and elementary classes will continue in Spring 2019 and beyond.

The Franklin Pierce Schools Dual Language Immersion Program is a K-5 program available to students living in the Franklin Pierce Schools district boundaries. During the first two years of instruction, teachers provide 90% of instruction in Spanish in order to facilitate early language acquisition. As students progress, English instruction is gradually increased so that language is split evenly in higher grades. The program relies on strong family involvement to link students, schools and families in the learning process. The program is designed to help students develop biliteracy, bilingualism and multicultural competence. To learn more about the program, go to havard.fpschools.org.