James Sales Elementary awarded Apple technology for all students and staff

James Sales Elementary awarded Apple technology for all students and staff
Posted on 10/31/2014
Student using iPad

James Sales Elementary School learned earlier this week that it won an education grant from Apple Inc. that will bring new technology to every student and teacher in the school.

460 students attend James Sales Elementary School. With the grant, each student and teacher will receive an iPad. Teachers will also receive MacBook laptops. And each classroom will be equipped with an Apple TV.

James Sales Elementary was one of only five schools in Washington to receive the grant, and one of 114 schools nationwide.

The award is part of the ConnectEd Initiative announced by the White House in February, which seeks to empower students and schools through increasing access to technology. Apple is one of a number of companies that has committed money and resources to the initiative.

“Our school community is incredibly excited about what this grant will bring to James Sales,” Principal Brandy Nelson said. “This additional technology will assist us as we continue to make school a safe, fun, and engaging place to learn.”

Franklin Pierce School District recently upgraded its internet connection speed throughout the district. Classrooms also have wi-fi connections installed throughout the district.

“This grant-funded technology will fit in nicely with the technology infrastructure upgrades the district has invested in over the past few years,” said Dr. Frank Hewins, Superintendent.

The district’s plan is to roll-out the new Apple technology at James Sales Elementary at the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year.